Welcome to the Louth Charity Christmas Tree Collection

Collecting your real Christmas Trees from the Louth in Lincolnshire area
Postcode area LN11 only
6th January 2024

Book your tree with us and help local charities at the same time.

Bookings have now closed for this year

per tree

£6.50 per tree. All proceeds go to charity

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5 mile radius of Louth in Lincolnshire LN11

Recycle your Christmas Tree with our collection scheme

  • No needles in your car, no trips to the tip!
  • Your Christmas Tree is collected from your doorstep
  • All proceeds go to charity
  • Easy solution to dispose of your tree
  • No businesses profit from our collection, time and vehicles are freely given
  • Trees are chipped and composted. The resulting mulch will be used on farmland in the Wolds to reduce soil erosion
  • Your tree will be put to good use both financially, by supporting local charities and environmentally.

How the collection works

  • We can collect your real Christmas tree from the town of Louth and surrounding villages in a 5 mile radius, Lincolnshire. Postcode: LN11
  • Book and pay for your tree here
  • Place your tree outside before 9.30am Saturday, 6th January 2024.
  • Leave it in a position where we can see it as we drive past.
  • Trees will be collected over the weekend and taken to our recycling compound.
  • The collection is organised by The Rotary Club of Louth. Trees are collected by volunteers with the help of local companies. Costs are kept to an absolute minimum to give the maximum to our charities.

What happens to your tree?

Over the years your Christmas trees have helped to improve our local environment in various ways. They have been used to stabilise the sand dunes near Mablethorpe and to strengthen the river banks along the Lud in Hubbard's Hills, our local beauty spot. This year, like last, they will be chipped and composted in giant heaps. After several months of turning and composting the resulting fertile mulch is spread over farmland on the Lincolnshire Wolds to help reduce soil erosion.
Soil erosion is a huge concern on agricultural land specially on the hilly and exposed Wolds. By incorporating the organic mulch it helps to bind and stabilise the soil.

Raising money for charity

Louth Rotary makes a huge difference to our local community by helping organisations with volunteer time, grants and donations.The Christmas Tree Collection is a great fund raising activity in the Louth Rotary calendar.
Around the country many hospices organise Christmas tree collections and we were inspired by the huge East Cheshire Hospice scheme. In the tradition of these projects we thought it would be good to support our local St Barnabas Hospices.
We also like to support other smaller organisations, some of the proceeds will help carefully selected ones in need after Christmas.

Live in Lincolnshire but not in our collection area?

St Barnabas Hospice is running collection schemes across Lincolnshire and they may be able to collect your tree if you are outside our collection area.
Click here to go to their collection website