Essential info

When will the collection take place?

We will start the collection at 9.30am on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th January.

What is the last date to book my tree?

Please book your tree by Thursday 6th January to make sure your tree is included in our collection.

Where should I leave my tree?
Place your tree where we can easily spot and collect it as we drive past. Make sure it is in position before 9.30am on Saturday 8th January. Please make sure your tree is not on public pavements or roads where it may pose a hazard to pedestrians.

How can I make my donation?
Because of Covid19 precautions I'm afraid we will be unable to accept cash and cheques this year. Please donate using our GoFundMe page. £6.00 per tree.

Can I book my tree to be collected at a certain time?
I'm afraid we cannot give a definite time for collection. We collect a huge amount of trees with a small number of volunteers who work through their routes over the course of the day. Most of the trees will be collected on Saturday with some spilling over onto the Sunday.

My tree hasn't been collected?

If your tree hasn't been collected by 5.00pm on the Sunday then please give Paul Firth a ring on 01507 602298 or send a message using the Contact Form.

What happens to my donation?
All the proceeds from the collection go to charity. We keep our expenses to the absolute minimum with lots of volunteer help and support from local business. The scheme ends up being a highly efficient fund raising project and is a good way for Rotarians to lose a bit of weight after the excesses of Christmas! This year the fund will be passed on to St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospices and other carefully selected local charities.

Severe Weather

We have never had very bad weather over the collection weekend or certainly not poor enough to stop us. We're a hardy lot! But there is always a chance that some very, very severe weather might hamper us (deep snow, floods, plagues of frogs). If we do need to postpone the collection we will contact you and arrange a new date.


Again, this year we are working with the unknown. Although last year we were forced to cancel, this year we resolve to keep the collection in place unless we are absolutely forced to cancel due to restrictions. We are determined to run the event this time.

We have a good number of volunteers and have devised a system where we can be socially distanced with a good risk assessment plan. In the event we have a large number of volunteers who cannot attend (self-isolation) or because we are not permitted to run the collection due to Government restrictions, we will aim to postpone the collection. All will be contacted with the option of a full refund.